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...What is noteworthy about his art is that it is eclectic and composite. Rao has explored and experimented with various art forms to come up with something entirely new and original... Rao's art is not merely for art's sake, nor is it aimed just at the intelligentsia. It is accessible to, and can be comprehended by the common man...
         THE ECONOMIC TIMES September 18, 1991

...Among the other highlights of the evening was the announcement by the young Swiss filmmaker, Ted Seiger, who received a cash award of Rs 1 lakh for his one-minute animation film, "Talk to me". He said that though he could use the money, he was gifting it to Ajit Rao, a student who needed to pay his way through studies at a much respected animation film school in Canada. On stage, Rao said, overwhelmed, ' I did not even know his name. But thanks, thanks a lot...
               THE TIMES OF INDIA February 8, 1992

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