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...Or is Ajit Rao still searching for his ideal medium? Time will tell, but one thing is sure, Rao is quite mature for his 32 years and plain success is not what he wants. Nor merely reaching the top. He is clear about doing what he has to do, and in that we wish him luck though as the saying goes fortune favors the brave and so it should not be far off...'
        INDIAN EXPRESS WEEKEND March 28, 1992

...What started of as a hobby developed into a passion and led to a journey into diverse media of expression and communication. Today, Rao has struck a balance between both forms- art and architecture....
           INDIAN EXPRESS NEWSLINE April 8, 1998

'...In one deft stroke of his brush, Ajit has redefined the contours of animation training, as we know it. The novel six-month course he designed for the training hopefuls has blended with the aspirations of his mentor, US-based Bill Dennis, President and CEO, Toonz Animation, down to the last stroke...'
  THE HINDU BUSINESS LINE September 9, 1999

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