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'...The talent is not written on his face, it is in his heart and his hands. He is also the most original cartoonists one has come across in a long time. And he is young, just setting out to conquer the world...'
                         SUNDAY MID-DAY July 8, 1984

.... "I took the very difficult decision of freeing myself of all commitments and letting my mind wander and catch hold of whatever it likes doing best," explains Ajit. Ajit dreams of projecting the rich tradition of stories and folk tales, dances and architecture of India through animation, a field that has yet to be utilized in this country to its full potential....
                                              December 21, 1990

...Whether or not his wandering feet take him back to the profession for which he was trained, it is fairly certain that Rao will always be building castles, not necessarily in the air...
                           THE WEEK September 15, 1991

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