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Ajit a budding cartoonist

Question: After Laxman and Mario…. Who?
Answer: Ajit Rao.

Ajit Rao- or Ajit, as he signs is a MID-DAY discovery. Readers must be familiar with the artful games he plays with letters, words, symbols, roadsigns, film-posters. There is originality in his work and a touch of genius.

Like most talented cartoonists, Laxman and Mario not excepted, he is a quiet and modest person. The talent is not written on his face, it is in his heart and his hands. He is also the most original cartoonist one has come across in a long time. And he is young, just setting out to conquer the world.

Unfortunately, as things stand at the moment, it will not be as a cartoonist. He is an architect graduated from the J.J. School of Architecture just a year back, doing his apprenticeship at present with one of Ahmedabad's (which means India's) leading architects. Drawing is a hobby and one can only hope he concentrates more on it. The cartoon reproduced here combines the talents of Laxman and Mario with Ajit's own special touch.

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