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Good Samaritan helps Indian
By A Staff Reporter

BOMBAY, Feburary 8:"Things usually work out at the right time," says Ajit Rao, the 32-year-old cartoonist who was harbouring doubts about pursuing a career in animation. Then he received a windfall yesterday in the form of Rs 1 lakh to study 'cel' animation at the Sheridan School in Ontario, Canada' where he has been twice denied admission due to the lack of funds. The incredulous Mr. Rao received his gift at the closing ceremony of Bombay's second International Film Festival last night, when the Swiss award winner, Ted Seiger, decided to present his prize money to "someone with a greater need."

Mr. Rao said he is not aware of the tax liabilities on the gift. "I am completely at sea in money matters," he said, adding that he will have to start arranging for an equivalent amount of money to meet the total cost of tuition, airfare and stay at Sheridan's summer

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